Sunday, February 22, 2009

Video Sunday: Massive Attack

In preparation for new Massive Attack stuff this year, I though I would post some promos of theirs that I haven't gotten around to. "Teardrop" is one of the most spine tingly dingly pop songs ever, and it has a striking video wherein a fetus sings Liz Frazer's unforgettable vocal. And, yeah, now it is the theme to "House":

"Inertia Creeps" is creepy. It is also one of the most awesome (and fairly prescient) interpolations of Aegean rhythms into beat pop.

Those two were from Mezzanine. This one, "Sly", is from Protection. Both rank among the best albums of the '90s in my brainbook.

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Brook Buesking said...

Oh I love this song by Massive Attack! I've never seen the video and have no idea what 'house' is, but regardless, thanks for posting it!! I listen to this song EVERY time that I run. It never gets old and it goes in sync with my heart while I'm running--so I have an obvious bias as to why it rocks.

Did you go to 'Pigment'?
found an awesome artist there: