Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cuts Like The Knife: Video Sunday

So maybe this will be a regular thing, maybe it won't. Let me know if you enjoy it or not. There is nothing particularly new or hyper-relevant here, I just realized I had not taken the time here to slather the Knife all over a post. This came from finding this nifty flash video for "We Share Our Mother's Health" as remixed by Ratatat:

Silent Shout was an incredible album, and here is a cool, creepy video for my favorite song on it, "Marble House":

The previous album, Deep Cuts, was not too shabby itself. It is more pop oriented, and lacks the soul shuddering sparse creepiness of Silent Shout, but it is certainly a gem. Here, from Deep Cuts, is perhaps the Knife cut that you have most likely heard on a commercial (or covered acoustically by Jose Gonzalez). This is "Heartbeats":

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