Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Say I'm Not A Party Girl?

Alright, hopefully I've snagged some Elvis Costello lyrical geeks with the post title. But how about the '90s indie comedy gem Party Girl? And how about the fabulous Parker Posey and her glamorous gams? (I've also heard that sparking debates about the relative hotness of cultishly adored actresses is good for the comments.) Anyway, Parker thoroughly won me over throughout the '90s and still holds me rapt today.

One could be cynical and/or accurate to call this her Adam Sandler moment. Posey is one of our most vital cultural treasures, but she's also rilly fuckin' funny playing an initially naive, adorably funny, childlike character who goes through a maturation process and winds up wiser but no less lovable. In this one, she reverses the cliche of the mousey librarian who lets down her hair and takes off her glasses to become a foxy swan. In this movie, she transitions from irresistable club pixie to responsible librarian/still-a-club-vixen-but-more-accountable young woman. Fair warning well researched by myself and friends in college over many viewings and discussions on various substances: this movie does not work if you do not watch it top to bottom (not a big task, its a breeze at 94 minutes). Catching it from the middle, this breezy but sociologically interesting indie comedy directed by the incomparably named Daisy Von Scherler Mayer just seems stupid. Maybe it is, but fuck that, check it from the beginning. Also a favorite of Yo-Ster.

Anyway, Party Girl was not only a cheerful fable both celebrating and criticizing the mid-'90s club scene. It was also one of the finest, American Graffiti style, attempts to capture the always changing dance music scenes of the period in a melodious soundtrack. PopDose has done us all the favor of collecting many of the big cuts featured in this great film comedy. Not sure you should click on it? You need the most powerful psychedelic available right now!

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