Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's Inaugurate

On the first Obama day, I ended up at the New Belmont in time for the acceptance speech. Joyous tears all over the place, there was a new atmosphere of belonging and congregation and unity. It was us, we won, Virginia was finally a blue state, and we all seemed to shed our bitterness and pretension and feel the joy of being together. I hugged and kissed people I'm usually an utter dick to.

This new optimistic feeling seemed to last up until the next pay period or wave of bills or uncle kicked you out so you have to enlist in the army then stay at the Union Mission until you ship off. Let's get that New Love feeling going again.

New Belmont is having another extra special Tuesday for the inauguration. Tidewater NOW, HROC, andPhem will be representing, so there should be a friendly atmosphere of pansexual, smart, aware cats getting loose and sentimental, not to mention a lot of women, 30% or so of which might be interested in boys. Damn I wish I wasn't so brokeded. Anybody want to give me a ride and buy my drinks?


Obama. Yes We Can. Etc.

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