Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cinemension - The Impassioned Cinematic World Of Dan Schneider

The last writing solicitation for the No Ripcord film team yielded some amazing contributors. One of them has been Dan Schneider. I thought he was just an uncommonly insightful, impassioned, and prolific online film writer. I came to find out he is an established poet, something of an enfant terribles (bad boy) of the Twin Cities scene. What do you think, Chris Berry, is this guy cool? Cool or not, he's a very good writer, and he has given No Ripcord some of its best classic movie coverage. Now he's started his own blog, with his own personally selected team of contributors. Check out his comments on No Ripcord, and you will see that he is very demanding. So this movie blog should turn out well. Take a look at his Cinemension blog. Nice post just now on one of my favorite films this decade, David Gordon Green's All The Real Girls.

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