Monday, January 19, 2009

We're All In The Same Gang (Starr)

Hero Hill was kind enough to give us a snack pack of Gang Starr mp3s today, which is always a treat and a surprise. Why such a surprise? I don't know, man. Every enthusiast of the hip-hop thing I know loves them and has at least a few of their releases. They're one of the enshrined combos everybody agrees on, and yet they never went platinum or heavily penetrated the mainstream's attention. If you don't know them, click the link and get you some 3pms. DJ Premier is a pioneer of that beloved early-'90s embellished, layered sample & scratch sound that has weathered much better than most hip-hop trends. Guru IS the king of monotone with his own drone (his words bring winds like cyclones). They are also key in the effective use of jazz in hip-hop...Guru went as far as to do a series of collaborative pieces with hip-hop and jazz luminaries with the Jazzmatazz series, which paved the way for the Roots and this decade's explosion of hip-hop incorporated into live performance. Check it. Step Into The Arena. This is the Moment of Truth.

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