Friday, January 9, 2009

Valerie and Missed Tours

So the running theme in today's posts as of just now is the seven cities' failure to score the hot touring acts. I feel like this is some horrible karma for missing David Byrne performing the songs of himself and Brian Eno in Newport News. I was all like "I don't have $30 to not spend on booze, I've got work..." and all of a sudden (typically) the great shows were leaving. On a note that contradicts that, did anybody catch Wu-Tang at the Norva? I wanted to, but I was all like "I don't have $30 not to spend on booze, I've got to work..."

Anyyaw, this dude Anoraak is finally touring the states, venturing from his comfort zone in Nantes. He makes divine romantic house/pop songs, and I had the pleasure of e-nterviewing him for Yo-Ster. He's storming the states with some compadres in his Valerie crew. The way I see it, the seven cities have basically adopted French House as our own sound, and Nantes might be the Virginia Beach of France as far as I know. So why didn't we get the Valerie show? I don't care that the only other US dates right now are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. I refuse to accept that we cannot moneymake and party as hard as those tiny bergs.

After all this bellyaching I feel like I owe you an mp3:

College ft. Anoraak - Fantasy Park (Moulinex Remix)

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