Friday, January 9, 2009

Obsessions And Lamentations

I know I blogtalk quite a bit about No Ripcord. It is not just because I write for them. I genuinely think that, my obnoxious contributions aside, No Ripcord maintains an astounding level of quality control and quantity of thoughtful content. A good example is the recurring Obsessions and Lamentations column. Not much ostensibly, just a guy noting the current popcult things that have caught his attention. The observations, however, are priceless and insightful. It is written by a guy named Alan Shulman. He is a delightfully smart, funny and opinionated writer who really should be writing for a magazine by now. If nothing else, he gets my eternal props for single-handedly knocking TV on the Radio out of contention for the aggregated Metacritic best albums of 2008 honor with his controversial 5/10 review. Why isn't he a major music writer by now?

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