Sunday, January 4, 2009

blog incest

it has been an exciting month here on the blogosphere. blogging is such a trivial hobby, but you get to share it with anybody who cares to pay attention. then the internet gives you so many tools to take it way too seriously, as i realize every day tracking the fifteen visits or so i got, four of which are me, on google analytics. one of the cute little gimmicks on is the ability to follow different blogs and track who is following yours. i got a little twinge of validation for my geeky hobby when one of my favorite bloggers followed me back today. john kenneth muir is a north carolina writer who maintains an amazing blog. it is called "reflections on film and television" and is great, detailed, well illustrated writing on all sorts of genre culture from a true expert. mr. muir has popped up at a few fantasmo events, which is where i met him. not only did he give great talks on '80s horror and the films of john carpenter, he was a genuinely accessible, gracious guy. he was one of the first people i actually met (chuck klosterman is still out of my range) who showed that somebody could actually be a professional writer just by taking their geeky obsessions seriously. i'm not there yet, but one day i hope to be.

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