Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vern, Writer

Continuing today's theme of sharing my blog pleasures, I thought I should shine a bit on a guy I am finding to be the most consistently fascinating and entertaining film writer on the interweb. He calls himself Vern, and he writes in character as if he was in prison for most of the '90s. Just as likely to be true as not, but its not really important to enjoying his writing. What is important is that his film reviews are very insightful, very hilarious, and utterly unique. It is wrapped in a casual style that, for once, is witty and unpretentious rather than just lazy or manipulative. I laugh more regularly reading his movie write-ups than at any actual "humor" site, and he makes the ugly points about cinema that more official critics pussyfoot around. In addition, he wrote a whole book about Steven Seagal that was not an ironic hipster joke. That is some kind of accomplishment. Recently, he published a crushing and discursive review of the Frank Miller misfire The Spirit. Take a look at his work here.

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