Friday, January 2, 2009

Neon Neon The Double Flashy '80s Geeks

A few days ago I started cannibalizing myself (no, it hasn't even been a month) by starting to revisit my 2008 music favorites with a post about Steinski. As long as we're doing that, I thought I would go on to discuss my No. 2, the weirdos of Neon Neon. Stainless Style is a wonderful '80s opera/audiobiopic that I've already discussed quite a bit, but who are Neon Neon?

Boom Bip is a consistently inventive LA producer of abstract hip-hop. He has dallied with such oddball entities as Anticon and Lex records, both among the most eclectic and forward thinking in the business. I recall placing his 2002 ablum Seed to Sun on my top 5 in that year's list for v89, and now here he is again haunting the top of my list.

Gruff Rhys is a Welshman. Maybe the biggest active Welsh indie icon due to his leadership of Super Furry Animals. While I know of them, I don't really know the music and so I will keep my blog lips pursed and promise myself to do some homework on them in the indeterminate future. Anyway, Rhys sings great with Neon Neon.

Here's "Belfast":

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