Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Talk About Girl Talk

Not too much more to say about this guy, but last year's album Feed the Animals, was one of my favorites, so I guess I'll spill some more digital ink to discuss Girl Talk. Like Night Ripper a few years ago, Feed the Animals is another sampledelic full-length hypermashup nicking parts from hundreds of songs and weaving them into a nonstop party.

In addition to moving, however, Girl Talk does encourage thought...I think. The "that's my song" instinct is as strong as it it unavoidable, and a few tracks might spur quite a bit of "oh he's putting this vs. that" trainspotting. Eventually, however, such parlor games get exhausting and the listener is forced to submit to the overall flow of the uncleared sample cascade. It certainly makes a statement about sampled music and its validity as art unto itself. That seems to be a major concern of my favorite label last year, Illegal Art. In addition to offering Feed the Animals for download on the Radiohead optional payment plan, they also put out my favorite collection of last year, the works of Steinski.

For a taste of Feed the Animals, let's see what youtube has to say:

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