Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not Just Hercules, But Also Love Affair

Trucking on with my favorite music of last year, we now come to Hercules And Love Affair. This is one of the best releases yet from DFA Records, which is considerable as they may be the most illustrious dance imprint of the decade. While I enjoyed this album quite a bit, I can't help but think it would mean more if I was a sensitive, sexually confused adolescent. Any sensitive, sexually confused adolescents want to weigh in on this record? Meanwhile, here is a clip for "You Belong":

I covered this album for No Ripcord. Here is a lil' bit of that:

Much like Neon Neon this year crafted a sound perfectly suited to a fictitious impression of the materialistic 80s, Hercules and Love Affair have perfected the ideal sound of an imagined era in dance. Bearing the DFA stamp (and drum programming by Tim Goldsworthy) through a release on Mute, the collective presents a racially diverse polysexual vision of how one might like to think it was. Feel free to ignore the elitism and vacuous hedonism that inspired those caustically sarcastic Chic anthems, Hercules and Love Affair give us a bracing collection of talented modern outcasts to imagine dancing with 30 years ago.

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