Monday, January 19, 2009

Zombies Down Under

Fantasmo will celebrate Friday, January 30th with a horrifying hilarious hybrid double feature of dimwitted hordes of monsters, that is the Living Australian Dead.

8pm Undead

Jim has been going on about Aussie horror on the Fantasmo blog, so I guess this is one of them aughts shockers the island has been doing so well. Back when I was a kid the only movies Australia exported were idiotic comedies about mentally defective enthusiasts. But who knows, maybe in Australia they were kitchen sink realist dramas.

10pm Dead Alive (Braindead)

Before Peter Jackson made his masterpiece Heavenly Creatures and the successful Lord of the Rings trilogy, he made himself a master of splatter slapstick with Bad Taste and this romantic comedy that may have more blood and flying limbs than any movie I've ever seen. Nobody ever forgets the lawnmower scene.

So all of this is happening at the Chesapeake Central Library. For free. Food, door prizes, folks, fun, etc.

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