Saturday, January 10, 2009

Watchmen Should Keep A Closer Eye On Contracts

Are any of you looking as far forward as I am to Zach Snyder's filmovieflick adaptation of Alan Moore's The Watchmen? Well, you'd better sit on it for the time being. I need to see this movie. The biggest sources that still cover books have called this one of the best works of fiction in the 20th century, and if some schmuck doesn't movie-ize it I might be forced to read it. Given that it is a graphic novel, it may be easier for me than just a partially graphic novel or even a novel that tells its story just through words (a Dogme-style exercise that used to be popular). Still, give me a movie so I can have both hands free to drink, smoke, and eat popcorn. Unfortunately, 20th Century Fox still thinks they own the rights just because a judge affirmed it. For some reason, Warner Bros. went ahead and made the movie, which they still claim to be releasing in March. Big court starts on January 20th. I can understand why The Day The Clown Cried got lost, but not The Watchmen. Doesn't this look awesome in that Matrix/300 way that it will blow you away in the theatre on opening weekend, then be conspicuous with its problems the moment you see it on video?

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