Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Cruel Game I Play With Myself And Always Lose

From time to time, I like to compare my time in Tallahassee, FL and Norfolk, VA and make them battle. Norfolk forged me and then hosted my heroic battle back into independent adulthood. Tally hosted my emoest character builders and my halycon days of self-destructive subsidized adulthood. It all gets emotionally mixed up and then I have to turn outside for comparison. Take Eugene Mirman. He's played both Norfolk and Tally, and yet the closest he's coming on his upcoming tour is DC. Yet he's playing Tallahassee, at the damn school, too. Come on, Norfolk, we can do better! What happened, Relative Boot kids, bring me Eugene Mirman! You don't even have to invite me to bomb beforehand, I just want to watch.

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