Monday, December 29, 2008

Anthony Hamilton's Back!

Explain this to me: if I want to see the best semi-mainstream hip-hop and soul acts stepping out to premier their new stuff, apparently I should be paying closer attention to The Ellen Degeneres Show. I guess in addition to being a very funny lady and a pop gay icon she is also a canny appreciator of good music. Anybody who dances so damn much has to be. Anywhuh, Anthony Hamilton is back with a new abblum, and Ellen was hip to it before I was. She's good. Hamilton is right up there with Raphael Saadiq in the underappreciated soul king sweepstakes. Squeaking in at the end of the year, Hamilton has dropped an album whose title can function as an unneccesary preface to a statement. Hot on the heels of Saadiq's The Way I See It comes Hamilton's The Point Of It All. Soon I'll investigate...

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