Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back and to the Left

So I just found out the JFK assassination is still big online traffic bait. Gary Collins is an engaging, thoughtful film writer who has started contributing to my movie team at No Ripcord. He recently dropped a review of the Oliver Stone masterpiece JFK that I don't agree with, but is a cogent piece of writing that makes a good case for his feelings towards it. This one review has attracted more comments than I have seen on No Ripcord ever, highlighted by a duo of highly intelligent writers in their own right, Alan Shulman, the man who sank TV on the Radio's Metacritic score, and Dan Schneider, controversial Minneapolis poet and fellow No Ripcord film writer. Their lively, detailed JFK debate touches on some elemental disagreements about art, particularly the ethics of spinning fiction around reality. Check out the contentious article here.

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