Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Ripcord's Top Ablums of 2008 Part 2: The Top 25

Well here is the exciting conclusion to the list of 2008's best music my friends at No Ripcord started yesterday. Strangely, I found it less exciting than 50 through 25. Part of it is the list seems to get indier, whatever you take that to mean, as it goes on. Part of it is that I read too much about music, and these lists get more familiar as they get higher. Most of this I've heard at least some of in a mix or through a friend, and has been discussed ad nauseum, and just feels staler. There's a lot less here that I feel I really missed out on, though I am still curious about the most recent offerings from Jamie Lidell and Nick Cave (I'd also like to see them fight, mostly because, like all pop culture fans, I really want to see Nick Cave murder somebody with his bare hands). That is why top 50s are better than top 10s, concision be damned. For the George Booker blurb watchers, note that I wrote the entries for Neon Neon, The Bug, and Portishead all by myself. Crazy. I'm a workaholic, really, I've got to learn to delegate.

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