Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rebel Rock

There is a new open mic brewing, and this one looks particularly promising. From what I have gleaned from the Space that is Myne, it looks like this is is going to be an ongoing concern for Thursdays. It should be a great forum for new talent (that's you, asshole, stop telling me about how good you could be) too introduce themselves to some of the slept on amazing talent in the area. I'm not to jazzed about Peppermint Beach Club or Thursday nights, but then I'm a freakish Norfolkian daysleeper. You can transcend my limitations by supporting this! Anyhweueh, the endlessly exciting Rebel E kids (Gabe Niles, Ced Hughes, Max Mega, Dante Lewis, Justin Battle et al) seem to be taking a pretty active interest in it, which is the best reason I've found to do anything in the 757 over the last year or so. Before you comment about why "everything here sucks" (Vice Magazine), take a chance on Rebel Rock. Doors open Thursday night 9pm at Peppermint. Go ahead and look up the Rebel E crew on your respective social networks to find list contacts.

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