Saturday, December 27, 2008

Come On & Braid My Hair

This blog is about sharing. There will be no original ideas of my own, but I will aggregate the ideas of my friends and the silly stuff they look at, as opposed to my own personal flavor of triviality.

I am not a gamer, it is still more worthwhile to me to spend my money on booze and music rather than investing in consoles and cartridges. I do believe, however, that video games are probably the ascendant popular art form of this century, just now coming into its own and poised to blossom like cinema did in the twentieth century.

There was a game I have not seen or played that came out this year called Braid. A philosophical side-scroller, it got a lot of jizz from outlets like the AV Club for its visionary themes and storytelling.

Some gamers I know, however, have called bullshit on the praise heaped on this title. Gamer/philosopher/writer/producer George Smith, a good friend of mine, is particularly sour on the supposed deepness of Braid. He recently sent a particularly good e-mail linking to a video review by a gentleman who calls himself Soulja Boy. Whatever you make of this, I think it is a particularly honest and realistic approach to game journalism:

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