Friday, December 19, 2008

Dead Cult Hearthrobs, Capitalist Pop Protest, British Television

This is of the kids at No Ripcord has penned a feature criticizing a consumer campaign in Britain to usurp the impending Christmas chart-topper, Simon Cowell approved pop tart Alexandra Burke. Apparently, she won Cowell's British teleprogram X Factor and her cover of the Leonard Cohen classic "Halleluyah" is blazing the charts like an arsonist accountant.

So apparently there's multiple generations of sentimental rock types who consider the version by tragic young sexy death Jeff Buckley, soon to get biopikked via Pineapple Express superstar James Franco, to be definitive, to the point where there's a much publicized campaign to buy enough downloads of Buckley's version to knock Burke out of the top spot.

Its all very interesting, and I can't relate to a stitch of it. Didn't Kanye and Fitty try to manufacture something like this? They were both alive, and we still didn't bother to, you know, buy music or anything. The whole thing seems silly to me, but apparently people really care, to the tune of a half-dozen comments already, which is stratospheric for No Ripcord. But what about Mr. Cohen? Have we not forgotten that his voice is wicked awesome? To conclude, here are the closing credits for the very subtle Oliver Stone opus Natural Born Killers, a movie that refuses to stop just because it is over. The closing track is Cohen performing "The Future".

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