Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Sound of Virginia Beach

is French House. Today I'm just going to post some trailers you've prolly seen already. Well I'm so very impressed, but do either of us own these DVDs? Well stop talking about the trailers. That's what my blog is for.

VB's favorite local producers, Justice, have put out A Cross The Universe, which in contrast to Julie Taymor's Beatles vs. Forrest Gump misfire, seems to be about Justice on tour. I don't know if this trailer warrants a NSFW warning, but it does have titties and guns:

On the loftier side, Daft Punk's long awaited Electroma is on DVD as well, and per usual I don't know anybody who owns it. When are you going to get good taste and disposeable income, friends of mine? This one looks like an effort to figure out what would happen if Michelangelo Antonioni was into dance music and robots.

So here's my proposal: to further understand our local character, somebody in Norfolk needs to purchase these French vanity discs so we can make popcorn, eat shrooms, paint on girls and fire guns as part of TheBestSlumberPartyEver:FrenchHouseEdition.

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