Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lita's Social Commentary Bundle

Hey, who feels like pimping some seasonal packaging to separate you from more of that dumb holiday money you don't really have? I don't really, but sometimes the package is novel and from a source deserving of more pimping, like Light in the Attic, one of the bestest re-issue houses in the whole world.This week's special is the Social Commentary Bundle, featuring three of the most interesting artifacts they dug up this year.

Cold Fact by Rodriguez is a lost 1970 masterpiece of hard, druggy, psychedelic funk from Detroit.
mp3: Sugar Man

Stephen John Kalinich was a hippie who recorded an album of psyche spoken word, A World of Peace Must Come, in Brian Wilson's house in the '60s.
mp3: Be Still

The Free Design put out quite a bit of inventive soft pop in the late '60s and early '70s. Included in the bundle is the 1972 album There is a Song.

Has there been enough pushing stuff for the holidaze? Yes, but sometimes its fun to window shop.

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