Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We'll Miss You, Bernie

Hey, just wanted to post a lazy seasonal blog with a clip of one of my favorite subversive comedies, Terry Zwigoff's Bad Santa. I love it because the movie is ruthless, with the great Billy Bob Thornton channeling the immortal (but still very very dead from alcohol related death) WC Fields in depicting his titular poor St. Nick not as a lovable goofball, but rather a bona fide late stage alcoholic. Thornton's name in the film, Willie T. Stokes, could also fit into the pantheon of great Fields character names such as Harold Bissonette, Eustace P. McGargle, and Egbert Souse.

This is a great clip, but I'll tell you what really kicked me in the pants (and while I was wearing them). Seeing Mr. Bernie Mac cursing at a midget, I realized it still doesn't feel like he's gone. Don't seem right, do it? Like we'll all realize that was a big cosmic mistake and he'll pop back up to do a stand-up movie. Fingers crossed.

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