Friday, December 19, 2008

What Will Tell Us What Us Kids Are Into?

Today is your final Link to thumb through, which sucks. I remember when it launched in 2006, and I was 2 years stronger of a bastard than I am now, I was skeptical, or even "mean-spirited" as a casual observer might have noticed. In time, however, the colorful, free news aggregator won my love and trust. I even got to do a brief trial as a music writer and get to know a few of the kids who put it together. They are vibrant, engaged youngsters who the area might lose now. Thanks, Landmark, we had too many of those. One of my best friends, Khori Johnson, would always snatch up a copy whenever he saw one and sarcasticly/sincerely exclaim "Hey, let's see what us kids are into!" Still, I don't see anything filling in the gap of daily pictures and stuff to read that Link's unfortunate death has left us, and I have no idea where my morning Soduko will come from. Even more bitterly, the wizards at Link just spent much time and money finally making their website awesome. I will miss Link, and the people who made it.

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